NFL: Nick Chubb seriously injured his knee after a brutal scene

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NFL star Nick Chubb seriously injured his knee after a brutal scene

Cleveland Browns running back Nick Chubb is badly hit in the left leg

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The game against the Pittsburgh Steelers began with a shock on the first play of the game for the Cleveland Browns – and then got even worse. Star Nick Chubb is facing a long break.

The scene was not for the faint of heart: NFL star Nick Chubb from the Cleveland Browns apparently seriously injured his knee in the second game of the season. In the 22:26 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers, he was unable to continue playing early in the second quarter after he was hit in the legs by opponent Minkah Fitzpatrick and his left knee was bent at an extremely unnatural angle. The scene looked so brutal that the TV station ESPN decided not to repeat it. There was initially no diagnosis of the 27-year-old’s obvious injury.

His coach Kevin Stefanski said after the game, when asked whether he expected Chubb to miss the rest of the season: “I do.” Numerous US sports stars expressed their regret on Monday evening (local time), including the NBA -Superstar LeBron James and colleagues like Lamar Jackson and Christian McCaffrey from the NFL.

The game started bitterly for the Browns

The game had already started extremely bitterly for the Browns. On the first play, quarterback Deshaun Watson’s pass bounced from his teammate’s hands into those of a Steelers defender. Alex Highsmith carried the football into the end zone and the Browns were already behind after just nine seconds. Steelers star defender TJ Watt scored the final touchdown in the final quarter after the Browns lost the ball again.

The unlucky Chubb is transported away. He probably won’t be able to play for a long time

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In the previous meeting on Monday evening, the New Orleans Saints won 20:17 at the Carolina Panthers. The Saints with their new quarterback Derek Carr recorded their second win of the season. This has not been possible since 2013. “They’re a big reason why I wanted to come here. I don’t have to be perfect for us to win and I certainly wasn’t in the first half,” Carr said of the Saints defense’s strong performance. “We don’t have the feeling that we’ve played that outstandingly so far and we still have two wins. That’s pretty good.” The Panthers, with young Bryce Young as a playmaker, are still waiting for their first success of the season.


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