Neymar’s former domestic worker recounts her working conditions and her overnight dismissal

Business doesn’t stop at the border with Saudi Arabia for Neymar. While the Brazilian is recovering from his new serious knee injury, he has seen his Parisian past catch up with him from a legal point of view. As announced by our colleagues from Parisian on November 15, the former number 10 of PSG was assigned to the industrial tribunal of Saint-Germain-en-Laye for work concealed by one of his ex-domestic employees.

This one, a 35-year-old Brazilian, without papers, assures, with supporting documents, that the international auriverde would have employed her illegally seven days a week, for more than a year and a half, from January 2021 to October 2022, without declaring it and paying him his salaries only in cash.

“Neymar exploited the precariousness of our client to impose unworthy working conditions on her, in violation of the basic rules of labor law,” wrote the plaintiff’s counsel, Caroline Toby and Vincent Champetier, in a statement sent to the ‘AFP. Dismissed by the player in October 2022, when she was pregnant with her fourth child, she is now demanding 368,000 euros

“I found myself without any support”

Since the publication of this case, the complainant has returned for the first time to her working conditions and her dismissal in the columns of the Brazilian newspaper Record. “In 2018, me, my ex-husband and my three children came to France. I met a friend and she directed me to work at Neymar’s residence. First, it was at the White Party pre-party that he organized at his residence with friends, she says. They then asked me to stay longer in the house and I agreed because I needed it. It’s not easy being a single mother with four children. On weekends, I worked all night. As I had to return early the next morning, I slept there. But I never received a night bonus.”

Then comes the day of “thanks”. “One day the secretary called me and said: This is your salary, you don’t need to come anymore, sort out your personal life [ma grossesse], she detailed. They then told me to get my money from the security guard at the main entrance. I found myself without any support. My electricity was even cut off for a week. »

Without resources or news since her last telephone exchange with the player’s secretary, the former domestic worker turned to Secours populaire, Restos du coeur but also the Femmes de la résistance association, which helps women Brazilian women in precarious situations or victims of domestic violence.

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