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Bundestag discusses compulsory vaccination. In an “orientation debate,” the deputies approach the difficult issue, while the police protect the Reichstag building. Outside the barrier, people demonstrate for and against compulsory vaccination. To the article (SZ Plus)

Austria ends lockdown for unvaccinated people. Despite the high number of infections, there is no risk of intensive care capacities being overloaded, the government announced. Denmark wants to lift all measures by February 1st. To the Corona News

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Germany supplies military helmets to Ukraine. Defense Minister Lambrecht announced that it was about 5,000 protective helmets. Chancellor Scholz and Foreign Minister Baerbock had recently repeatedly refused the delivery of deadly weapons. Kiev reacts disappointed to the announcement. The lack of understanding is also growing in some EU countries. Go to Article

Yasmin Fahimi becomes the new DGB boss. After months of negotiations in the background, the long-standing trade unionist and SPD politician is selected to chair the German Trade Union Confederation. Verdi had previously prevented her partner from heading the umbrella union. Go to Article

Otte is leaving office as head of the Union of Values. According to Otte, he is retiring from chairing the arch-conservative association “out of respect for the office of Federal President”. He noted that the CDU wanted to expel him from the party because he was running for the AfD as a candidate in the presidential election. Go to Article

Investigators unveil new abuse complex. A young man from Wuppertal is said to have sexually abused several children for years and to have distributed recordings of them. The police are investigating about 100 suspects. Go to Article

New climate lawsuit filed in Karlsruhe. Last year, a ruling by the Federal Constitutional Court forced tougher laws in the fight against global warming. But for nine young plaintiffs, they don’t go far enough. Go to Article

Austria: Journalist fired after tweet about Wannsee Conference. Anna Dobler, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the Express, loses her job. She also received the notice on Twitter. When a film about the Wannsee Conference was shown on ZDF and ORF on Monday, showing how high-ranking National Socialists were planning the Holocaust, Dobler tweeted: “They weren’t just murderers, they were socialists through and through.” Go to Article

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Europe is preparing for an emergency. If Russia invades Ukraine, the energy supply should still be secured. The USA and EU countries are negotiating with countries that could then step in as gas suppliers. To the article (SZ Plus)

BA.2 – a new omicron subtype is a mystery. A sub-variant of the coronavirus is increasing rapidly in Denmark and other countries. How dangerous is she? To the article (SZ Plus)

A really bad book. Shepherd idyll, myth alarm: Martin Suter’s novel “One of you” about the ex-soccer player Bastian Schweinsteiger. To the article (SZ Plus)

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Censored Revolution. The classic film “Fight Club” can be seen on a Chinese streaming service – with a new ending. Go to Article

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