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First vaccinations with inactivated vaccine Novavax in February. Health Minister Lauterbach announces a delivery of 1.75 million doses. Together with RKI boss Wieler and virologist Drosten, he warns of overloaded laboratories and clinics. Austria is becoming a high-risk area again. To the Corona news

US threatens Russia with severe financial sanctions. This means the exclusion from the international payment system Swift. The economic damage to the country would be massive. The head of the Russian state bank VTB, Andrei Kostin, calls the measure “a financial nuclear bomb”. Go to Article

Report: Party in Downing Street also before Prince Philip’s funeral. The Prime Minister’s employees are said to have celebrated at his official residence in April 2021, disregarding the Corona rules. The report is likely to further increase the pressure on Johnson. Downing Street is now apologizing. Go to Article

Visa dispute about tennis player Djokovic is entering the next round. After Australia’s Immigration Minister Alex Hawke canceled the visa again on Friday, the federal court is due to decide on the defending champion’s participation in the Australian Open on Sunday. Go to Article

Lindner calls out the “design mode” for the federal finances. 24.8 billion euros less debt than expected: The Finance Minister brings good news to the Bundestag – and also to young people, the climate, the taxpayer. Go to Article

Turkey dreams of its own Silk Road. Ankara wants to be reconciled with its neighbor Armenia and is negotiating opening the border, primarily for economic reasons. But Russia wants to secure its influence. Go to Article

Bulgaria puts an end to “golden passports”. The EU country grants citizenships to foreign investors. Now the new government wants to abolish the controversial practice. Go to Article

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That interested a lot of people today

The Queen dumps Prince Andrew. The message from the palace was short and cool: Elizabeth II stripped her son of all military titles. A step whose importance cannot be overestimated. Go to Article

The man who brought down torturer Anwar R. The conviction of the Syrian secret service colonel Anwar R. was only made possible by the investigator Klaus Zorn. How the detective inspector and his team went about it. Go to Article

The wall is coming. Before Christmas, modelers and epidemiologists agreed: The new coronavirus variant “Omicron” will usher in the new year with unprecedented force. It was different at first – until now. Go to Article

Last but not least

Sixty-eight woman, chain smoker, queen. Margrethe II celebrates her 50th anniversary of the throne. Mainly thanks to her, the monarchy in the country is in better shape than it has been for a long time. Go to Article

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