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war in Ukraine

Federal government now wants to deliver tanks to Ukraine. The yes of the traffic light coalition for the delivery of 50 decommissioned Bundeswehr tanks to the Ukraine comes as suddenly as the special fund for the Bundeswehr after the beginning of the war. Now the question in Berlin is: Who was in the know this time? Go to Article

Defense ministers unanimously believe in Ukrainian victory. At the US base in Ramstein in Rhineland-Palatinate, 40 states are discussing arms deliveries to Ukraine. Defense Minister Lambrecht hints at further ring exchanges: “We are ready for this.” To the article (SZ Plus)

UN Secretary General in Moscow. António Guterres offers the UN as a facilitator for peace talks. Russia’s Foreign Minister Lavrov said it was “too early” for that. To the article (SZ Plus)

Russia apparently stops gas supplies to Poland. According to the Polish gas company PGNiG, deliveries are to be stopped from Wednesday. To the live blog

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Lockdown scare in Beijing In the coming days, almost all 22 million residents will have to take a corona test. The Chinese capital is preparing for a possible tough lockdown like in Shanghai. To the article (SZ Plus)

Federal Constitutional Court: Bavarian Constitutional Protection Act illegal in parts. Go to Article

The judgment of the Federal Constitutional Court affects the entire republic. To the comment

This has interested many readers today:

The problem with “Mr. Schröder”. Party leader Saskia Esken suggests that the former chancellor leave the party. She was particularly outraged by a passage in Schröder’s conversation with the “New York Times”. Go to Article

Nagelsmann reconciles with the fire department. In the heat of the moment, the FC Bayern coach insulted the South Giesing volunteer fire brigade – which doesn’t even exist. Nagelsmann has now come to Schwabing to make amends. Go to Article

“A radiation exposure from multiple X-ray examinations”. Even 36 years after the Chernobyl nuclear accident, radioactivity expert Hauke ​​Doerk warns of contaminated game and mushrooms. Which species are particularly affected? Go to Article

Last but not least

Psychology: Could it be true?

Elizabeth Holmes was considered the genius of Silicon Valley until it turned out: she is a scammer. Why do many lie even though they know it’s wrong? Go to Article

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