News in the morning – News of September 14, 2021 – Politics

What is important

Extreme weather costs the US nearly $ 100 billion. Last year, the US spent more money than ever on the aftermath of heat or storms, President Biden says. And in this it will be even more expensive. He once again calls for support for his plans to invest billions in infrastructure expansion so that the US is better prepared for climate change. Go to Article

Apple closes the Pegasus gap. The controversial Israeli surveillance software Pegasus could be installed on iPhones and iPads with little effort in order to spy out messages there. Now Apple has released an update to prevent this from happening in the future. According to their own information, researchers from the Citizen Lab organization had made the company aware of the vulnerability they had discovered on the device of a Saudi Arabian activist. Go to Article

Social Democrats win in Norway. Norway should soon be ruled by a center-left alliance – led by Jonas Gahr Støre. According to initial projections, his Labor Party, which has been in the opposition for eight years, comes in at around 26 percent in the parliamentary elections. The conservative Prime Minister Solberg, whose party only got around 20 percent of the vote, has already admitted her defeat. Go to Article

Four parties, four opinions. At ARD and ZDF, top people from the FDP, CSU, AfD and the Left meet in two four-way battles. They argue about climate protection, pensions and the fight against the corona pandemic. The positions could not be more contradicting – compared to the triall of the chancellor candidates, this is quite a short change. Go to Article

ECJ deals with data retention. The storage requirement for telephone and Internet connection data is a tiresome topic, the fronts are hardened. The EU member states are demanding that the European Court of Justice correct its previously liberal case law on data protection. This Tuesday, the judges will continue hearing four complaints. Go to Article

A billion dollars in aid to Afghanistan. At a UN conference in Geneva, donor countries pledged to finance humanitarian aid for the country. Almost half the population is already dependent on them. The United Nations is warning of a humanitarian catastrophe in the country where the radical Islamist Taliban have taken power. Go to Article

Other important topics:

The news about the coronavirus

The chances for a higher vaccination quota are not bad at all. Opportunities everywhere: The vaccination rate in Germany is to be increased with a week of action. That is also possible, say experts. Surveys show that not all unvaccinated people reject immunization. The hard core of the opponents makes up only about five percent of adults. To the article (SZ Plus)

Seven-day incidence drops slightly to 81.1. According to the Robert Koch Institute, the Germany-wide value of new infections has hardly shown any movement for days. The President of the Central Council of Jews, Schuster, complains about increasing brutality in the Corona crisis: “Aggression and hate speech have increased.” Go to Article

Best things

630 numbers in five minutes. A 21-year-old has just won the German championships in memory sports. Why a little memory training could also help in school and politics. Go to Article


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