News in the morning – News of December 2, 2021 – Politics

The most important thing about the corona virus

The incidence drops again to 439.2. The value drops from 442.9 the previous day to 439.2. The Robert Koch Institute also reports 73 209 new infections. SPD health expert Karl Lauterbach calls for tough contact restrictions for unvaccinated people. Go to Article

This is known about the planned mandatory vaccination. At the beginning of next year, if the future Chancellor Scholz has its way, the Bundestag will vote on the compulsory vaccination. It could finally come into force in March. This means that even people who have not yet been immunized would have sufficient time to establish valid vaccination protection before the regulation comes into force. What is also important – answers to the most important questions. To the article (SZ Plus)

Omicron variant discovered in at least 23 countries. That comes from the statistics of the World Health Organization. The US wants to tighten its entry requirements before Christmas. Go to Article

What is important today

Russia’s military deployment on the border with Ukraine worries NATO. Even an invasion cannot be ruled out. For his part, President Putin is now making allegations against Kiev and accusing Ukraine of wanting to resolve the conflict militarily. In fact, the ceasefire violations are on the rise – but above all on the part of the separatists, who are controlled by the Russian military. Go to Article

EU Commission wants to relax asylum law. The authorities in the border countries should have more time to register asylum applications, and the asylum process could take up to 16 weeks. That could mean that people will be housed in reception centers near the border for so long. In addition, they want to allow easier and faster deportations. Poland, Latvia and Lithuania are supposed to make it easier to deal with migrants who are piloting Belarus to the border. Human rights organizations are “deeply concerned”. Go to Article

Erdoğan fires finance minister. The Turkish President, who is under pressure due to the tumbling national currency and the associated economic problems, is replacing the finance minister. Lütfi Elvan has to go. He had only taken over the office a good twelve months ago. He is succeeded by Nureddin Nebati. Go to Article

What the traffic light coalition is planning in education policy. The traffic light has big plans in education policy, it wants to support every fifth school in the country. But even the new federal government cannot give schools what they need most: more teachers. To the article (SZ Plus)

The fight for the CDU chairmanship begins. The candidates for the CDU chairmanship answer questions from the members. An above-average number of women, young party members and Christian Democrats with a migration background have their say. So the party presents itself as it wants to be one day, but is still a long way from being. And instead of using the format to highlight differences to the competition, Merz, Röttgen and Braun remain one thing above all on Tuesday evening: very harmonious. Go to Article

In the United States, the right to abortion is at risk. At a hearing before the Supreme Court, some judges are open to changing the case law that has been in force for decades. According to a landmark ruling from 1973, abortions are allowed in the USA until the fetus is viable – today until about the 24th week of pregnancy. Now, conservatively governed states could soon make abortions drastically more difficult. Go to Article

High school gunman has videotaped murder plans. The alleged shooter, who is said to have shot three classmates and injured several at his school in Michigan, is said to have recorded the video the day before the crime. So far he has remained silent on the allegations. Go to Article

Also important:

Best things

Ho ho ho instead of “Pizza Hot Dog”. Buying gifts was also easier. But not so wild: Santa Claus comes digitally. Go to Article

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