News in the morning – News of April 25, 2022 – Politics

What is important today

Presidential election in France: Macron wins runoff against Le Pen. The French confirm their president for another five years in office. Nevertheless, the right-wing extremist Le Pen is stronger than ever. Voter turnout is very low. Who got the most votes where and what has changed compared to 2017: An analysis with graphics. Go to Article

No euphoria, just relief. There was hardly any cheering in the streets for the re-elected president, not even at his own election party in front of the Eiffel Tower: In France, many people only feel a sense of relief that the extremes did not prevail. Go to Article (SZ Plus)

Slovenia: Right-wing nationalist Janša loses parliamentary elections. The liberal political career changer Robert Golob could dethrone the controversial prime minister. The freedom movement of the former energy manager achieved more than 34 percent of the votes, Janša’s SDS just under 24 percent. The head of government, who set Slovenia on the path to an “illiberal” democracy based on the Hungarian model, admits defeat. Go to Article

Military spending peaks. According to the Stockholm peace research institute Sipri, for the first time in the past year, countries have invested more than two trillion dollars in the military – that corresponds to 2.2 percent of global economic output. China in particular has been arming itself, and Russia’s spending has also risen. However, the USA remains at the top. Go to Article

Seven-day incidence drops below 800. The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) reports about as many new infections as a week ago, the incidence is now 790.8. Corona reports at a glance

Hertha BSC is very close to staying up. The Berliners win 2-0 against their relegation rivals from Stuttgart. But after the final whistle there is excitement about the fan issue again – the team takes revenge for the jersey scandal after the derby defeat. The players don’t celebrate with the fans in the curve, but run straight into the dressing room after the game. Go to Article

Also important:

war in Ukraine

Klitschko calls for sanctions against former Chancellor Schröder. “All those who continue to work for the war criminal Putin must be severely sanctioned,” says Kiev’s mayor. Schröder is “partly responsible for the slaughter of women and children in Ukraine. In view of his propaganda for the Kremlin, one wonders why Schröder lives in Hanover and not in Moscow.” US Secretary of State Blinken and Secretary of Defense Austin have arrived in Kyiv for talks with President Zelensky. To the live blog

Freight trains from Europe avoid Russia. The Silk Road is considered the most important foreign policy project of Chinese President Xi. Moscow is now threatening to destroy what Beijing has built. A bypass is in the works. It is to pass through Kazakhstan, Georgia and Romania. Go to Article (SZ Plus)

best things

Bookworm City. In the small town of Urueña in northwestern Spain, which has a population of 100, there are a whopping nine bookstores. On the other hand, we are looking for: butchers, bakers and readers. Go to Article

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