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war in Ukraine

Reports on mass graves near Mariupol. Satellite images appear to show more than 200 new graves, which local officials say could hold up to 9,000 civilians. According to Ukrainian President Zelenskiy, Russia is rejecting a ceasefire for Orthodox Easter next weekend. The Union wants to vote in the Bundestag on the delivery of heavy weapons. Indirectly, Germany is probably involved in the delivery of battle tanks via a ring exchange with Slovenia. To the live blog

Russian dissidents seek protection in the EU. Journalists who dare to publicly call the war against Ukraine a war are not only punished with heavy fines in Russia. According to Reporters Without Borders, they are experiencing a “real manhunt”. But while refugees from the Ukraine as war refugees are automatically allowed to stay in Germany for up to three years and can also work immediately, stricter regulations apply to those who have fled from Russia. The federal government cannot agree on a visa regulation for them. Go to Article

How the Kremlin is making schools and universities docile. Singing the national anthem, hoisting the flag, and now a new school subject: The Russian government is trying to indoctrinate schoolchildren and students with “patriotic education.” Even kindergarten children now line up in a Z-shape for the photo shoot. Teachers who don’t follow suit face expulsion or imprisonment. Go to Article

Sigmar Gabriel appears with Illner less stylistically confident. In the program, the guests discuss Ukraine. It becomes clear: the horror seems to be fading, war is becoming more and more of an everyday topic. Ex-Foreign Minister Gabriel is connected from Goslar and appears to be rowdy. To the TV review (SZ Plus)

What is important today

Johnson faces Partygate investigation. The British prime minister has been criticized for illegal garden parties during a corona lockdown. Now the House of Commons is waving a motion by the Labor opposition after several hours of debate without a vote. For Johnson, this is a painful defeat. Go to Article

Corona virus: Medical associations for the end of free citizen tests. The incidence is rising again and is around 733. Nevertheless, laboratory physicians are now also calling for an end to the tests for everyone. According to the Robert Koch Institute, new omicron variants are still rare in Germany. The World Health Organization recommends the drug Paxlovid for certain corona patients. Corona reports at a glance

Social organizations and consumer protection groups are demanding zero percent VAT on food. In the face of record inflation and rapidly rising energy prices, politicians are arguing about how the burden can be relieved from poorer households. The economic research institute DIW can gain something from the proposal for a zero percent VAT. But representatives of the traffic light coalition are against it because this measure would not relieve the burden in a targeted manner. Go to Article (SZ Plus)

Start of the trial after the knife attack in Würzburg. Almost a year ago, Abdirahman J. stabbed passers-by with a knife in the middle of Würzburg. Extremely brutal, he aimed at the necks of his victims, killing three people and injuring nine. Now a mammoth process should clarify the circumstances. Because of the many people involved and because a distance requirement still applies because of Corona, the security procedure of the regional court in Veitshöchheim near Würzburg starts in an event hall. Go to Article

Ex-President of Honduras extradited to US on drug charges Juan Orlando Hernández, 53, is facing charges of drug smuggling conspiracy and gun offenses in federal court in New York. He is said to have turned his country into a drug state. Go to Article

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best things

God Save the Barbie Queen. A plastic version of her is coming out just in time for the Queen’s 96th birthday. Thank goodness the Queen has a good sense of humor. Go to Article

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