New travel trends this year that give hope

ITB Berlin 2023
From sustainability to nostalgia: New travel trends this year that give hope

After three long Corona years, the ITB finally took place live again this year.

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After a three-year break, the travel world is finally meeting again at the International Tourism Exchange in Berlin. A keyword that is mentioned by many exhibitors: sustainability. But it’s not the only new travel trend.

Travel from Australia to Italy in five minutes – that’s only possible at the International Tourism Exchange in Berlin (ITB Berlin). After three long years of Corona, the exhibition center in the federal capital is once again turning into a turbulent meeting place for international tourism professionals and travel fans this week. It doesn’t matter whether it’s airlines, tour operators or tourism ministers from the most important travel destinations – they all come together to exchange views on the latest trends and topics from the world of travel.

In addition to the recovery from the coronavirus pandemic, there is one major topic that seems to concern almost every exhibitor: sustainability. It doesn’t matter whether it’s climate-friendly fuel for airlines and cruise ships, environmentally friendly concepts from hotel chains or climate protection efforts by entire destinations – the travel world is preparing for the climate crisis and wants to be part of the green change. No wonder that the travel trends of 2023 are also adapting to the new needs of travel providers and travelers.

These are our top 3 travel trends for 2023

Close to nature: Mass tourism was yesterday. Today, many travelers are more concerned with rest and a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Places that are not necessarily known as tourist strongholds are particularly popular. These are often those villages and towns that are located in the hinterland of popular holiday destinations such as Spain or Portugal. The good thing about the trend: We get the deceleration that we so often wish for. And along the way we discover areas that may not even be found in travel guides.

Authenticity: Most of the time it is the encounters with people on trips that we remember for a long time. When we travel the world, it’s often about getting to know the real life of the locals. After three years of barely having the opportunity to experience other cultures and perspectives, the longing for authenticity has only grown. And that from both sides: Many people are now much more willing to open up to tourists and want to show their guests what makes their country and their life special. An invitation that we should definitely accept – and return when the opportunity arises.

Nostalgia: Everything was better in the past – in times of digital stress, war and the climate crisis, many people – especially young people – have that feeling. The good thing is: You can walk in the footsteps of bygone days in many places in the world. Seeing what the ancient Romans created in Rome, listening to the stories of descendants of Costa Rican natives, or simply tasting the traditional cuisine of popular destinations like Greece, Croatia or New Zealand – all of this has something nostalgic about it. And is therefore a real highlight for many people who sometimes long for the good old days – just in a new place.

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