New Invention: Researchers build robotic rat to find survivors

Watch the video: Spectacular invention – Search for survivors could soon be carried out by robotic rat.

This spectacular invention is currently being researched in China:

The search for survivors could soon be carried out by so-called robotic councils.

Prof. Qing Shi and his team at the Beijing Institute of Technology are working on the groundbreaking project that could save lives in the future.

They chose a robotic rat because the animal’s elongated and slender body allows it to adapt to tight spaces.

The robotic version would thus be able to reach tight spaces and rough terrain.

First, the research team had developed a robotic rate with wheels.

To improve mobility, the wheels were replaced with legs.

For example, the robot should find buried people and animals. The technology should also be used to transport objects.

Through the use of the invention, emergency services at disaster sites will soon be supported.

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