New app from the Dachau memorial site: Culture of Remembrance 2.0 – Dachau

The concentration camp memorial is introducing a new app that virtually displays prisoner drawings on the former camp site. It is primarily intended to appeal to younger visitors. The technology harbors opportunities, but also risks.


Joshua Beer, Dachau

The sky over the camp is dark. It is night and one looks out onto the roll call square, into the mass of prisoners who are being forced to stand by the SS. You not only see them, you can walk through their endless rows, across the square. There are no real faces in the gray prisoner clothing, they are abstract, because, strictly speaking, one walks through a three-dimensional version of David Ludwig Bloch’s famous painting “Appell in the Dachau concentration camp, end of November 1938”. It’s not really night either. The sun is actually shining over the former camp site of the Dachau concentration camp memorial. Bloch’s sketchy prisoners can only be seen on the mobile phone display when the camera is pointed at the former roll call square. This is made possible by a new AR app that the Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial presented on Friday.


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