Neubiberg – United in the joy of cycling – District of Munich

Claudia Engmann has been planning and making contacts for a year and a half, and now the time has come: On Monday evening, the Neubiberg local group of the General German Bicycle Club (ADFC) was founded in the Neubiberg restaurant “Minoa”. The interest group for cyclists has more than 200,000 members nationwide, including more than 30,000 in Bavaria. She advises on all questions to do with bicycles, technology and tourism. “Within the ADFC you can find an expert for every topic, that’s great,” enthuses Engmann.

The 55-year-old housewife and clerk has long wanted to do something to make cycling safer and even more attractive. The traffic infrastructure should be as pleasant as possible so that safety for all road users is increased. Different interest groups have to share space on the street; Slow and fast, young and old, pedestrians, cyclists and drivers. Everyone should feel safe without slowing down or endangering others with their driving style. Engmann wants to convey this in a non-partisan way and actively do something about it. “To make cycling more fun,” she says.

Planners and cyclists should exchange ideas

Specifically, the ADFC local group wants to work out with interested citizens which improvements would be useful from the point of view of cyclists in Neubiberg. Of course it’s about the cycle path network, but also about many other aspects that can make cycling in the area more attractive. There are already ideas, but it is important to ensure more feedback between the planners and the cyclists, says Engmann. Exactly how they go about it remains to be seen. Now the board of the new club will be elected, for which the journalist Alfred Vollmer, according to Engmann a “hardcorer with easy 90 kilometers a day”, and they will stand for election. The two of them met again last Thursday and discussed exactly what they need to think about.

In addition to regular meetings where you can exchange ideas about the entire spectrum of cycling, you are planning reports on cycling trips, sharing experiences on cargo bikes, tips on cycling technology. They also want to offer bike tours and driving safety training and provide information on what the changes to the bike path regulations mean for motorists and cyclists. There are often unnecessary discrepancies, especially in Neubiberg, Engmann knows, and promotes cooperative working relationships. “The main thing is that everyone enjoys it! Because cycling makes sense from a climate point of view. Anyone with questions, ideas or specific requests is welcome at the ADFC,” she advertises and after the conversation she jumps on her bike, not without saying hello with a smile.

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