Neubiberg gives subsidies for rain barrels – district of Munich

In order to get closer to the climate protection goals they have set themselves, the municipality of Neubiberg wants to promote the use of rainwater by private individuals in the future. After an evaluation, the municipality is also adapting its climate protection support program in a few other points, which it set up about a year ago. The environmental committee decided on the changes on Tuesday.

The municipality has set itself the goal of saving as much CO₂ as possible and is therefore using the program to promote the installation of photovoltaic systems and heat pumps, among other things. Now the municipality also wants to subsidize the construction of rainwater cisterns, following the example of Gräfelfing. The proposed funding ranges from a maximum of 500 euros for systems with a size of 0.5 to 1.99 cubic meters to 1300 euros for systems with nine cubic meters and larger.

The budget has been increased due to high demand

At the same time, the subsidy amount for the installation of photovoltaic systems is to be reduced from a maximum of 5,000 euros to a maximum of 4,200 euros. However, this will not have a negative effect on those affected, as from January 1st, after a change in the law, sales tax will no longer be due on the purchase of a photovoltaic system and the net amount of the invoice will therefore correspond to the gross amount, as Barbara Linow, who works in the Environment department at City Hall, explains , explained.

The committee rejected a cap on the maximum amount of funding per applicant to 5,000 euros, which was also up for debate. Overall, the program was in high demand this year. The municipality increased the original funding amount of 250,000 euros to 450,000 because the funds had already been exhausted by the middle of the year. The municipality received a total of 180 applications, many of them for photovoltaic systems and heat pumps. According to Linow, around 30,000 euros are still available for further applications for the rest of the year.

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