Netherlands: Stricter entry regulations for Germans

Status: 03.09.2021 7:14 p.m.

Anyone entering the Netherlands from Germany must be tested, vaccinated or recovered from Monday. At the same time, the federal government declared Serbia, Albania, Japan and other countries to be high-risk areas.

The Netherlands are tightening their corona entry requirements for travelers from Germany. As the Federal Foreign Office announced in Berlin, from Monday those arriving from the age of twelve must prove that they have been vaccinated, recovered or tested negative with a PCR or rapid test. Germany is not considered a high-risk area for the Netherlands, but will be classified as “yellow” from Saturday onwards.

No PCR test is required for transit travel through the Netherlands with a stay of less than twelve hours. In the future, anyone flying to the Netherlands by plane will have to fill out a health declaration beforehand and have it with them. However, special regulations apply to travelers in transit at airports. Vaccinated Dutch people were also advised to undergo a rapid test when they returned from Germany.

New high risk areas

The federal government in Berlin and the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) have meanwhile classified several countries as corona high-risk areas. According to the new RKI list, Japan as well as Albania and Serbia in Europe are affected. The reclassifications should come into effect on Sunday night.

Azerbaijan, Guatemala, the Palestinian Territories and Sri Lanka will also be new high-risk areas. In contrast, Kuwait is no longer considered a high-risk area. Japan is classified a few weeks after the Olympics and just before the end of the Summer Paralympic Games in the country. All other classifications remain unchanged.

Unvaccinated people have to be quarantined after their return

For travelers from these countries who have neither recovered nor vaccinated, this means that they have to go into quarantine for ten days after their return. From the fifth day onwards, this can be ended with a negative corona test. For children under the age of twelve, the quarantine requirement ends automatically after five days, as stated on the Ministry of Health’s website. There is no quarantine requirement for fully vaccinated and convalescent people.

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