Netflix reveals the most viewed series and films of 2023

“What we Watched”, season 2. Netflix unveiled the broadcast figures for the second half of 2023 on Thursday, May 23. First observation, subscribers overall spent less time in front of the capital N platform , going from 93 billion viewing hours between January and June to 90 billion from July to December. But what exactly did they look at?

Although broadcast at the very end of the year, on December 8, “Leave the World Behind” (“Le Monde après nous” in its French title) made its way to the top of the rankings. Led by Julia Roberts and Ethan Hawke, this in-house production with dystopian accents is even in fifth position among the most watched feature films on Netflix since its creation. This despite rather mixed public feedback.

“One Piece” at full tilt

As for the series, the straw hat pirate is in the lead. The first season of the live-action adaptation of the hit manga One Piece feared the worst. The fans were very quickly reassured, and there. This locomotive with 72 million views is twice as good as the cartoon version, feature film and series included!

Followed by “Who is Erin Carter?” », the Frenchie “Lupin: part 3”, “The Witcher: season 3”, the fourth and final of “Sex Education”. Little cocorico moment: in the second half alone, the Lupine franchise, with Omar Sy at the head of the bill, totaled nearly 100 million views.

Best soups

Viewers, moreover, don’t only have eyes for new things. The three biggest Netflix titles of all time “Wednesday”, “Red Notice” and “Squid Game” continued to be massively watched.

By 2023, the big sister of the Addams family will also almost reach 100 million views. Jenna Ortega, in the title role, and her comrades are currently filming season 2, a first trailer of which was released a few weeks ago, without however mentioning a release date.

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