Netanyahu apparently wants to stop controversial judicial reform – Politics

According to several media reports, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will announce a halt to the controversial judicial reform on Monday morning. The Jerusalem Post Netanyahu is scheduled to make a public statement at 10 a.m. (9 a.m. CEST). There is no confirmation from his office.

Hundreds of thousands of people had recently demonstrated against the law, and there was also criticism of the project from politicians. President Isaac Herzog called for the reform to be stopped. Defense Minister Joav Gallant also spoke out against it and was then dismissed by Netanyahu.

After the release, the protests in Israel intensified again, tens of thousands took to the streets again: According to media reports, the army was put on increased alert because of the chaotic developments.

Gallant called on the government to engage in dialogue with critics on Saturday evening. He warned that national security is at stake. For weeks there has been talk of growing resentment in the military, and numerous reservists did not show up for duty in protest against the reform.

In Tel Aviv, demonstrators blocked the central road to Jerusalem at night.


After 200,000 people had already flocked there on Saturday, there were renewed protests in Tel Aviv on Sunday evening, with demonstrators blocking streets and burning tires. The police used cavalry squadrons and water cannons against the crowd, from which stones were thrown at the emergency services.

At the same time, she is said to have consulted Netanyahu with several cabinet members late into the night. The Jerusalem Post reports that it was about stopping the reform. Justice Minister Jariv Levin, Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich, Education Minister Joav Kisch and Strategic Minister Ron Dermer took part in the crisis talks in his office.

Citing sources in the Likud party, it was said that Dermer and Kisch had called for the reform to be suspended. Levin, on the other hand, insisted on going through with the project against all odds, threatening to resign.

The reform provides for a significant strengthening of the government – at the expense of the judiciary. Parliament should be able to overrule decisions of the Supreme Court with a simple majority. Critics warn that the law threatens democracy and the rule of law in Israel.

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