Negotiations with Zinédine Zidane would have started

It wriggles about the PSG bench, and it is not likely to calm down right away. Sent by all of England to Manchester United, where the place was vacated by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, Mauricio Pochettino is currently living under intense pressure. The Argentinian coach may have softly recalled that he was “happy in Paris” on Tuesday, his recent statements to The team and to the English press on his difficulties in setting up his project did not go unnoticed.

The defeat at Manchester City on Wednesday either. The Parisians have taken a football lesson which, if it has no immediate consequences, questions the ability of this team to satisfy the high ambitions of the club and its owners. Is Pochettino still the man for the job? Does he want to be, anyway? Anyway, the Parisian leaders have started discussions with Zinédine Zidane, assures
The Parisian this Thursday.

The Qatari dream of seeing Zizou on the bench is not new. But the “planets are aligned”, according to a relative of the ex-coach of Real Madrid, quoted by the daily Ile-de-France. Pochettino is attracted to England, Zidane has no certainty of taking over the Blues after the next World Cup, in short the timing seems ideal.

The only one able to manage this locker room

“There remains the question of the calendar”, indicates The Parisian. Paris was initially negotiating to enlist the Frenchman next summer, but things could accelerate, even if the latter would not – ideally – wish to take over the club during the season.

The idea of ​​the leaders of the PSG is clear, in any case. Only Zidane (and Guardiola, but he is not available) is according to them able to whistle the end of the fair in the locker room. “With a coach who is used to managing the stars, it would not happen like that”, estimates a Qatari source near the Parisian. Maybe … In any case, we are ready to observe the experience.

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