Natalia Wörner as a lawyer in the film “The Power of Women” at Arte – Medien

Natalia Wörner plays a lawyer specializing in sex crimes and domestic violence cases. “The power of women” is a thriller, but not a normal one.


Susan Vahabzadeh

There are days when Annabelle Martinelli just craves and has her in the company of a bottle of vodka The power of women watched long enough, you can understand it. The title is a bit crooked above this film, because Martinelli actually has more of a problem with women’s impotence: she is a lawyer and she has chosen a special field with a great potential for frustration – sexual offenses. She has several cases to work on, and none of them lend themselves to mood-lifting. A young woman has contacted her about being raped by her husband, but has not mentioned that he is a police officer; a colleague asks her for help because she thinks she can break her husband’s tendency to physical attacks, and then there is a prospect who lives in the women’s shelter and is convinced that everything would be fine in her marriage if she for the preservation of which no longer has to be on the line.

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