Nansen analyst revealed!! More than 1,100,000 Ether have been withdrawn from exchanges since Nov. 12.

Nansen analysts tracked changes in the exchange’s balance. cryptocurrency The largest centralized and decentralized It published data covering money flows on major crypto exchanges last week.

Exchanges where users withdrew more than deposited were seen on Binance, Gemini and FTX, with balances on Binance down $2.3 billion, Gemini at $679 million, while FTX collapsed by $591 million.

In total, as of November 12, 2022, users of the centralized exchange have withdrawn over 1.1 million ETH (ETH), or $1.3 billion in US dollars.

This indicates that users are seriously starting to withdraw money from exchanges. Fearing the collapse of the FTX platform and the associated company Alameda Research

In terms of stablecoin balances, two decentralized exchanges saw previously unseen inflows, with both Curve Finance (CRV) and dYdX (DYDX) becoming safe havens for users looking to escape. Escape from centralized giants

Nansen noted that Curve Finance (CRV) had inflows of $26.5 million, helping the platform become a top 5 crypto service by stablecoin balance, while dYdX (DYDX) had inflows of $26 million in user funds.

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