Music: Kaleidoscope of the Modfather: Paul Weller’s new album “66”

Kaleidoscope of the Modfather: Paul Weller’s new album “66”

Paul Weller has recorded a thoughtful and dreamy album with “66”. Photo

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Paul Weller has released a new album. It is a thoughtful and dreamy record that reflects the spectrum of Weller’s decades of musical work.

Few artists can look back on such a diverse history of musical styles as Paul Weller. Now the “Modfather”, as the Brit is called because of his great influence on the elegant Mod scene, is releasing an album that, like a kaleidoscope, depicts his work of the past five decades.

The record, with the fitting title “66”, is being released the day before the musician’s 66th birthday. It is already his 17th solo album. If you count the albums of his previous bands, it is actually his 28th record. With six of his solo albums, he stormed to the top of the British charts in the past decades.

The dreamy single “Rise Up Singing” has blues and soul elements. The track “Jumble Queen” reflects the punk rock roots of the Brit, who once fronted The Jam and later founded The Style Council with keyboardist Mick Talbot. The dynamic “Soul Wandering” is more in the direction of folk rock.

It is a thoughtful and dreamy album that also surprises with the variety of instruments used: brass and woodwinds, guitar, piano and strings – Weller ventures into a wide spectrum of instruments and influences without it sounding experimental.

Artists such as Madness frontman Suggs, Noel Gallagher and Bobby Gillespie contributed to the profound lyrics. It deals with themes such as trust and perseverance in life. “I remember wondering if it was always going to be like this when I went through times when I was feeling down or things just weren’t going well,” reflects Weller on his album, concluding: “Now I’ve realised it’s just a test. You just go through it to get back to where you were. The trick is to just keep coming back.”


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