Munich: Woman is rappelled down from Old Peter – Munich

A high-altitude rescue team from the Munich fire department rappelled a woman down from the viewing platform of Old Peter in downtown Munich early on Thursday afternoon. According to initial information from a fire department spokesman, the woman collapsed on the tower walkway at a height of 56 meters.

The sick person could not be transported down the narrow and steep spiral staircase, the approximately 300 steps of which countless tourists climb the Gothic church tower every day – one of Munich’s landmarks with a view of more than a hundred kilometers. The fire department’s climbing specialists therefore built a makeshift cable car from the tower parapet to an emergency vehicle.

The woman was then lowered down in a lounger, accompanied and secured by a rescuer. Hundreds of onlookers lined the site in Munich’s pedestrian zone. When the couch with the woman reached the bottom safely, they gave the rescuers loud applause. The patient was taken to hospital in an ambulance.

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