Munich: wheelchair ramp made of building blocks in front of a bakery in Neuhausen – Munich

She is brightly colored. An eye-catcher. Above all, however, it is a great help: the Lego ramp, which from now on will make access to the Neulinger bakery on Volkartstraße in Neuhausen barrier-free.

Arthur and Tom, two neighborhood brothers aged seven and nine, built the ramp. Together with her eight-year-old boyfriend Kilian, his three-year-old sister Antonia and their parents. Kilian is a wheelchair professional, so far he has not been able to visit the shop without outside help.

The Neuhausers came up with the idea – which had already been tested in Moosach three years ago as barrier-free access to the polling station in the Boomerang leisure center – last summer. Arthur had loved stacking the colorful building blocks on top of each other since he was a small child. So why not build something useful with it?

“I knew there was this Lego grandmother from Hanau, Rita Ebel,” says his mother Maria Prahl. Ebel and her team have created many Lego ramps and sent hundreds of building instructions all over the world. Prahl contacted Ebel and received valuable tips. For example, how to glue the stones correctly so that the ramp is stable and even a heavy electric wheelchair can drive over it. In September, the families then began to plan the inclined plane and then put it together. Made from thousands of donated, used Lego bricks. “We underestimated how many bricks it would take,” says Prahl.

A good idea: the Lego ramp in front of the bakery helps Kilian get into the shop in his wheelchair.

(Photo: Lorenz Mehrlich)

The neighbors brought whole sacks, some of the blocks were already pre-sorted. The children spent months doing handicrafts in the living room. The ramp was finally finished last week, made for all people in wheelchairs or with walkers, for whom this one step represents an insurmountable obstacle. Now it should be positioned in front of the step every morning as soon as the shop opens, in the area of ​​the approved outdoor area. And then disappear again in the evening. At least that’s the plan.

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