Munich: violent father has to pay compensation for pain and suffering – Munich

A 52-year-old employee injured his son so badly in an altercation that he was arrested and held in custody for several weeks. For the outbreak of violence, the Munich District Court has now sentenced the man to a ten-month suspended sentence for dangerous bodily harm. In addition, the son receives compensation from his father in the amount of 4,320 euros.

The reason for the attack was that, according to the father, the 18-year-old came home late on May 10th last year. Instead of 9 p.m. shortly before 10 p.m. The clerk freaked out and hit his son in the face with his fist. Then he threw a glass filled with coins at him, but without hitting. The 18-year-old suffered a cut on his forearm from the flying splinters. Then the father took his son into a headlock.

When he tried to push the father away, he grabbed the right hand of the 18-year-old and hit it against a wall with such force that the metacarpal bone fractured with serious consequences. The 18-year-old had to undergo two operations and continues to suffer from pain at times. In addition, his right hand is now slightly restricted in its mobility and scarred.

Despite the five-week pre-trial detention, the father tried to talk his way out of the trial before the local court. Because his son pushed him out of the door of his room, he slapped him twice and “put him on the bed with one grip on his neck,” said the 52-year-old. When asked why he came home so late, his son said he could do what he wanted, the clerk said. He replied to his son that as long as he lived in his parents’ apartment, he had to do what he told him to do. Incidentally, he did not throw the glass filled with coins at the son, the employee assured him, “but simply on the wall”.

The 18-year-old moved out after the argument. Apparently what had happened still preoccupied him. A year after the incident, he filed a complaint with the police. “Over time, I couldn’t cope with my conscience that such a man could get away without punishment and that he would continue to live as before,” said the 18-year-old in court. His father then made a confession after all. However, it was only after the judge had pointed out what punishment he had to expect that it turned out that in reality everything had happened quite differently.

The chairwoman credited the 52-year-old with his confession and that he agreed to pay his son compensation for pain and suffering. At the expense of the employee, the judge assessed, among other things, the 18-year-old’s metacarpal fracture, which “severely affected” his job as a mechatronics technician. The judgment of the local court (Az. 812 Ds 252 Js 139684/21) is final.


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