Munich: Trainee is said to have raped 70-year-olds – Munich

Witnesses have a duty in court to tell the truth and nothing but the truth. However, a defendant is not required to testify truthfully because he need not incriminate himself. Which in turn means that he can lie until the beams bend. The ninth criminal chamber must decide whether Joseph K. invents stories before the Munich I district court or not.

The versions could not be more different: According to the indictment of the public prosecutor, the then 21-year-old Joseph K. spoke to a 70-year-old woman at three in the morning at the main train station in October 2021. He is said to have touched her several times and tried to hug her, she is said to have fought him off again and again. He is said to have spoken about having a lot of money, the woman is said to have replied: “I am a mother, I have a son your age, I have a family and I am not a whore, leave me alone.”

According to the indictment, such scenes played out further on the journey on the S-Bahn to Ostbahnhof, and when the woman got on the night bus to Perlach at 3.40 a.m., he followed her. The 70-year-old got out at Oskar-Maria-Graf-Ring, K. is said to have grabbed her there and raped her in a corner. He is said to have hit her in the head with his fist and rammed her head onto the asphalt. Finally he tugged at the woman’s purse until the strap snapped and fled.

Lawyer Claudia Wüllrich had requested an audio-visual questioning of her client, which means that the woman is connected to the courtroom via video in an adjoining room and does not have to face her alleged tormentor. The public was excluded from the interrogation.

The defendant insists on speaking in court himself

Instead, the public got to hear Joseph K.’s version in great detail. “He insisted on speaking for himself,” says his defense attorney Solomon Webs. Joseph K., a short man in leather trousers, white knee socks and sandals, is from Sierra Leone. He wanted to have sex with a prostitute that evening, but since he was late, nothing came of it. He met this woman, a prostitute, in front of a certain boarding house at the main train station. She offered him sex. He, the gardener trainee, gave her 150 euros in advance. Then he changed his mind on the drive, but didn’t want to, she insisted and suggested a “quick sex” outdoors. He didn’t want that either, but he did it anyway. He asked for 100 euros back. When she yelled “Help, police,” he grabbed her bag and said, “Please don’t do that, I don’t know the way back.”

K. also claims to have consumed nine beers, a bottle and a half of vodka, half a bottle of cognac, eight joints and two ecstasy tablets that evening. He consumes a lot when he’s stressed, “because of the deportation story.” These amounts are “hard to imagine,” says judge Christian Daimer, “so you would be more of a case for an autopsy.” The search for the truth should end in court at the end of February for the time being.

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