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City planning usually runs like a wide, leisurely river. Months and years pass before something moves – or sometimes not, which in turn is an important difference to the sluggish river that flows after all. The plans for the planned quarter at the parcel post hall with two 155-meter towers have also been going on for more than two years without anything definite having emerged. The last status from the middle of last week was that the result of a citizen’s report should be available in the first quarter of 2022. But then it happened in quick succession.

On Thursday, the CSU member of the state parliament, Robert Brannekämper, announced that he would soon collect signatures with a new association called “Hochhausstop” for a referendum against the towers at the parcel post hall and against new high-rise buildings in general. At the beginning of this week, the investor Ralf Büschl went on the counter-offensive and asked the city council to let the people of Munich decide for themselves as quickly as possible. And today, Tuesday, the Greens announced that they would initiate such a request for a council – the SPD, which had previously rigorously rejected it, is suddenly no longer so rigorous. And the CSU is so torn on the skyscraper issue that it first has to take a retreat on the subject.

And so it now looks as if the population of the city will be called to the ballot box in the next few months, as my colleague Anna Hoben and I describe here (SZ Plus). Heiner Effern explains here how it actually works with petitions for citizens and councils, and he has discovered astonishing parallels between the high-rise debate of 2004 and that of today.


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