Munich today – News from November 28th, 2022 – Munich

What do you expect when you visit a café, restaurant or bar in Munich? Food and drinks, of course, for which you are happy to pay the bill at the end because it tasted good, maybe even exceptionally good. In addition, an attentive and friendly service that will make you feel welcome. Your expectations will be met – but other guests want more. Much more.

These guests think that with the purchase of a coffee or a menu they have also acquired the right to get as close to the women in the service as they want. Crossing borders begins with lewd remarks, with “accidental” touches on the arm, shoulder or chest. Until you pinch your buttocks. As if robots were serving and not humans. And as if groping were completely normal in gastronomy.

It’s not normal, but unfortunately it’s commonplace: Our team of reporters spoke to waitresses and cooks, some of whom have now preferred to switch industries. Apparently, this not only has a problem with abusive guests, but also with some colleagues and bosses – who actually consider such border crossings to be normal, included in the wages, so to speak. Read here (SZ Plus) what those affected experience and how they can defend themselves.

So if your waitress seems extremely stressed the next time you visit a café, restaurant or bar, it could be the guest at the next table – or the colleague behind the counter.


1516.20 euros for five beds in the asylum home The social department demands high fees from recognized asylum seekers in urban accommodation – for rooms without their own kitchen and bathroom. The Free State calculates only a fraction of this in its houses. (SZ Plus)

Subway line U9: Munich is threatened with the next billion-dollar disaster The city treasury sounds the alarm – the new subway line is not affordable and should not be built. This leads to an explosive question: does the second main S-Bahn route then have to be rescheduled again? (SZ Plus)

Optimal Records celebrates its 40th anniversary Much more than a record store: Optimal Records Munich is a way of life and a counterculture. There are two concerts for the 40th anniversary.

S-Bahn connection to the airport should be improved A new project worth millions is to optimize rail traffic between Munich and the airport, which is prone to breakdowns. Among other things, a “flyover structure” is planned.

Corona pandemic: What lessons Munich is drawing The Health Advisory Board analyzed the effects of Corona and the special challenges of a big city like Munich. There were also suggestions as to what could be done better in the future.



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