Munich today – News from November 25th, 2022 – Munich

Roof terraces are usually associated with hot summers, hammock swings and cool drinks in a relaxed atmosphere. The people of Munich obviously see things differently: especially in the run-up to Christmas, they climb onto the roofs of their houses. Most of the time, however, these are hotels, and that has a certain tradition. The Polar Bar of the luxury hotel Bayerischer Hof is there – with interruptions, see Corona – for example in the 16th year. And the competition from Mandarin Oriental has a comparable attraction at the start again this year: a transparent Plexiglas igloo in which you can enjoy mulled wine, champagne, wine and an extensive menu.

It is often quite fresh up there, but then it is. Which is why one or the other roof terrace not only relies on mulled wine and Dutch Ovens, but also on physical activity. You can pursue this mainly in the form of curling – which seems a bit strange at first glance, after all it is mainly known from frozen lakes or the Nymphenburg Canal. But since they hardly ever freeze over, people are now increasingly switching to white hard plastic, on which curling stones slide around just as well as on real ice. And so you can play this sport without any problems on roof terraces that are completely free of water and ice.

This sport, which I actually always thought was mainly practiced by retired men, is particularly well represented, incidentally on roof terraces and other terraces that are frequented by a rather young crowd – and in pubs that used to be in the scene – Gastronomy called. There are now plenty of examples of this as well. I took a look around with my colleague Sarah Maderer to see what was on offer.


Why it rumbles in the town hall The SPD and the Greens, the coalition partners in the Munich city council, have never really warmed up to each other. In the meantime, they eye each other suspiciously, even the color of the cycle paths has become a political issue. Provoke, excuse, run up – what’s going on right now? (SZ Plus)

Activists climb Amazon headquarters in Munich With this action, Greenpeace is protesting against the online retailer’s “consumption battles” on Black Friday. The police arrive with ten stripes – but allow the environmentalists to do their thing.

Porsche driver flees drunk with escort lady from police – prison The 54-year-old flees from a control with plenty of alcohol in his blood and then drives towards a police officer. The officer shoots the car four times, two bullets hit the man. Now he has to be in prison.

Research reactor Garching: Operation possible without highly enriched uranium The reactor has been at a standstill since a breakdown in 2020, in which radioactive radiation escaped. “Pioneering calculations” now show that it can also be operated without highly enriched uranium. What does that mean for research?

Long prison sentences for falsifiers of vaccination certificates A pharmacy employee and her accomplice are said to have sold fake certificates on a large scale on the dark web. The district court sentenced her to several years in prison. Why their relationship matters to the verdict.

Dealer offers drugs to plainclothes officers At Nußbaumplatz, a 43-year-old wants to sell methadone tablets to a group – and has no idea who he’s dealing with.

Municipal utilities bill heat pump electricity at the cheapest rate To ensure that the climate-friendly technology is still worthwhile, the Munich public utility company wants to relieve heat pump owners. What that means specifically.

160 additional S-Bahn journeys per day With the timetable change on December 11, Deutsche Bahn is improving the offer – also in Munich. What should change in S-Bahn traffic now.



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