Munich today – news from November 24th, 2022 – Munich

As someone who grew up in a city without a subway but has lived in Munich for a long time, I am still amazed at how quickly you can travel underground compared to a car. I can get from Poccistraße to Münchner Freiheit in ten minutes. It would take more than twice as long by car, even if the traffic was calm. No wonder that the subway has become a popular means of transport for Munich residents since it opened 51 years ago and has been expanded more and more over the years. Today the subway network is 103 kilometers long and has over 100 stations. Nevertheless, it reached the limits of its performance during peak times. There are still no conditions like in Tokyo, where employees of the transport company squeeze the passengers into the overcrowded wagons. Nevertheless, you get closer to each other in Munich than you would like. But building new subways is very expensive. According to current estimates, the planned U-9 clasp, to which the city council is expected to commit next Wednesday, will cost four billion euros – if that’s enough.

But a majority sees a need in the project, which is intended to relieve the U3 and U6 lines. The city is now hoping that the federal government will finally offer funding. Because without this, the city will find it difficult to finance the 10.5-kilometer tube and five new underground stations. But it doesn’t actually help: if you want to continue to get around the city properly in the future, the expansion of public transport is essential. And the subway, which works much more reliably than the S-Bahn, is the most efficient inner-city means of transport. In any case, nobody wants to see pictures like those from the 1960s, when the city was choked with traffic.


Why the talk of a climate RAF is nonsense Is it terror to stick your hand on the street under the Munich Angel of Peace? The Bavarian state government punishes climate activists draconically. Their demonization, however, only distracts from the real issues.

Where climate activists in Munich have protested so far They stuck themselves to a Rubens in the Alte Pinakothek, demonstrated in front of the offices of the financial investor Blackrock and blocked streets: what happened in Munich so far – and how the police reacted to it.

Defective signal and water damage paralyze main route At rush hour of all times, there were massive disruptions to Munich’s local transport system on Thursday morning. Two faults are to blame.

A parental home for Munich For 16 million euros, a meeting place is to be built in the Schwabing Clinic, in which families can stay close to their seriously ill children around the clock with the best possible care. The project is financed by the SZ Advent calendar and the “We help Munich” foundation.

“Christmas baubles are now available from every discounter” Mulled wine and sausages sell well, while decorations and jewelery are heavy on the shelves. A tour of the Christmas markets in the city center.

Extending the U 2 is not worth it A purely above-ground route to Feldkirchen and Kirchheim would be even more expensive than the one with a tunnel that has already been discarded. So the county gave up on the idea altogether.

“We try to get them all” During a major raid in Munich and the surrounding area, investigators seized mobile phones, laptops and computers. Several public prosecutors accuse a total of 16 suspects of some serious crimes.

Two trams collide The driver and a passenger suffered minor injuries in the accident. There are traffic delays.

Airport buys CT scanners for faster baggage screening Checks for hand luggage and passengers at Munich Airport are to be accelerated in this way. The previous upper limit of 100 milliliters per liquid container will then no longer apply. What will change for passengers in the future.



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