Munich today – News from November 16th, 2022 – Munich

Dealing with the daily police report is part of everyday life in the local editorial office. Lately we have noticed how often this is about young people who – sometimes with weapons – get into each other’s arms. coincidence or trend? This question quickly came up – and also the comment: Wasn’t it always like that somehow?

Indeed, adolescent scuffles exist in every generation. Testing your strength, proving yourself – that’s not just what cell phones have been about. But the fact that 29 patrols move out and a helicopter goes up, as happened at the end of October when four young people suffered stab wounds in a major argument – that’s a new, frightening dimension.

My colleague Kathrin Aldenhoff investigated the phenomenon. She spoke to the police, who cannot yet provide any valid data for the current year, but have observed two developments: gangs that attract attention through physical altercations. And young people who are increasingly taking up arms (SZ Plus). “The knife flashes more and more often,” we titled the report, in which the corona pandemic is mentioned as a possible reason for the development: many young people have apparently lost their footing in this. How can the spiral of violence be stopped? The youth welfare office has a number of suggestions for this. So far, however, these have not even reached the city council.


How cities can save the climate – instead of destroying it In Munich’s Prinz-Eugen-Park one can observe how landscape architecture is becoming a key discipline in the fight against the catastrophe (SZ Plus). You only have to think of the knotweed as a superhero.

Climate activist in Stadelheim went on hunger strike The 47-year-old Wolfgang M. is a member of the “last generation”. After several demonstrations and pasting campaigns, he was held in preventive detention until the beginning of December.

Traffic-calmed super block on Gärtnerplatz The Barcelona concept of systematically blocking traffic from residential areas is being tested in Munich. The mobility department is to examine implementation in the Isarvorstadt and in southern Lehel. There should be a lot to talk about.

Incidence value falls below 100 The value in Munich has not been this low for more than a year. However, fewer and fewer people are testing themselves. And what will happen with the end of the obligation to isolate remains to be seen.

“Why does the house have to be a meter higher?” Where the Kaut-Bullinger stationery shop used to be, René Benkos Signa is planning a new building. But the architectural design met with mixed reactions in the urban design commission.

Main route closure at the weekend Deutsche Bahn is setting up new signals. Therefore, the S-Bahn only runs to a limited extent on Saturday and Sunday during the day. Which stations are affected and when.

Christmas market without restrictions The Budendorf on Marienplatz opens on Monday – after a two-year pandemic break. Corona protective measures are no longer in place. Only the candles on the Christmas tree will burn shorter.



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