Munich today – News from January 16th, 2023 – Munich

I was recently out with two elementary school kids who, excited about a trip to the bouldering hall, had poured down liters of water. You’d think they’d sweat it all out while they spent hours scrambling up the walls. they don’t. Which is why the rest of the morning was like a new kind of treasure hunt: Who can find the most aromatic free toilet beyond Orleansplatz?

The city has also recognized that clean toilets are urgently needed. By 2026, she wants to spend five million euros to install new toilet houses in parks. But what actually happened to the toilet facilities that already existed and were closed in the early 1990s for cost reasons? Many of the historic urinals are under monument protection and have now found a completely new purpose. Coffee is served in many outhouses today, and some even show art.

I didn’t include one of the old latrines in the list because there really isn’t much history left of it today. But I don’t want to withhold it from you here: the next time you get on the subway at Max-Weber-Platz, take a look up. The roof of the subway escalator was once part of the station house with lavatory at the old tram station. During the construction of the subway, the little house was removed and rebuilt in a similar way in the same place and as part of the subway exit.


A case for the Munich premiere audience The film “The Three Question Marks – Legacy of the Dragon” celebrates its world premiere in Munich. On board: three young detectives, a creepy countess and many adults with children. Although it is not entirely clear who is accompanying whom.

Where it will be tight for Munich drivers this year The city is planning a whole series of construction sites for 2023 that will disrupt traffic – from the renovation of the Neue Pinakothek to the design of the Sendlinger Tor square. An overview. (SZ Plus)

The city removes fish from the daycare menu Bad for the environment or good for your health? Many Munich daycare children will have to do without fish dishes at lunchtime in the future, following a decision by the green-red majority in town hall. (SZ Plus) Not only the opposition in the town hall is angry, nutrition experts are also critical.

A flying waitress and a dachshund playing the tuba Which motif should be used to advertise the largest folk festival in the world this year? The public voting is running – some suggestions are daring.

The summit has been passed During the peak phase of the corona pandemic, many places in Bavaria’s mountains could hardly save themselves from day-trippers. In the meantime, a kind of normal operation has mostly returned there. But some consequences will probably remain.

Man turns off the electricity in the neighborhood The defendant demolished a public distribution box and caused a power failure in the surrounding streets. It wasn’t the first time he was conspicuous.

Burglary series in Munich Unknown persons broke into at least six houses and apartments over the weekend. In one case, a resident surprised a perpetrator.

About art, coke and the last Schwabinger Sculptor Nicolai Tregor is fined for buying two grams of cocaine. He sees the chat messages with a dealer as “fun”, his lawyer announces an appeal.

Why there is no works council at Sixt after all The car rental company had to rehire three employees after a court decision. They actually wanted to set up the company’s first works council – but things turned out differently.



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