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On April 26, 1986, my friends and I, not checking the weather outside, were sitting at home studying for our high school exams. A few days later there was a violent thunderstorm, after which I went for a walk with my girlfriend. We ran barefoot through the rain-soaked grass, it smelled like spring. But the thunderstorm had not only unloaded plenty of rain, but also an invisible danger: forests and meadows were suddenly radioactive – because on April 26, 1986 in Chernobyl in today’s Ukraine the reactor block had exploded and a huge radioactive cloud with the east wind also followed Upper Bavaria arrived.

Hauke ​​Doerk has a doctorate in physics and is an expert on radioactivity at the Munich Environmental Institute. He is also examining mushrooms from the region for their radioactivity 36 years after the nuclear catastrophe. Some species are still heavily contaminated today, but wild boar meat is often even more so, he told me in an interview today. The term cesium-137, a radioactive isotope, also came up in the conversation. Of course, in 1986 we high school graduates knew all the words like becquerel, strontium 90 and millisievert, even if they were not part of the exam. Hauke ​​Doert only learned them later, he was only two years old when the Chernobyl reactor disaster struck.


Stadtwerke are interested in Großmarkthalle The municipal subsidiary apparently has specific usage requests for the area – but the city council factions are reluctant to react.

“Nothing remains of all the allegations” Because of anonymous complaints from employees, the youth welfare agency “Neue Wege” is being targeted by the authorities. After eight years of dispute and 18 court cases, one thing is clear: the club did nothing wrong. But the uncertainty has left its mark (SZ Plus).

41-year-old beaten in Ismaning – because he helped a woman He stood protectively in front of a 19-year-old on the S-Bahn when she was molested by two young men. The victim suffered a skull fracture, internal skull bleeding and a fractured mandible.

BMW stops production, MAN starts up again Because semiconductors and cable harnesses are missing, vehicle manufacturers in particular cannot produce as usual. How long can this go on?

Rabid flea market thief convicted A 58-year-old man steals a man’s wristwatch from a stand in Neuperlach and then attacks people who stand in his way.

“I do not feel so good either” A man abuses his underage nieces – for years. Before the district court, he actually wants to confess comprehensively, but that goes wrong.

Green faction needs new dual leadership After only two years as chairwoman, Anna Hanusch no longer wants to stand for re-election in May. Her colleague Florian Roth had already announced his retirement in December.



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