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Admittedly, here in the SZ skyscraper on the outskirts of the city, many of us are biased when it comes to Charles Schumann. Some colleagues here have had a close relationship with his restaurant and with him, the proud man with the silver hair, for years, often for decades. Many have become regulars and good friends. Initially in his bar on Maximilianstrasse and later, after moving in 2003, in the much larger location at Hofgarten.

When people want to express their sympathy for an innkeeper and / or his catering business, it is often said that the restaurant has become something like a living room for them. But that would lead too far here, because “Charles” does not allow too much confidentiality and SZ journalists also have living rooms in which the family and offices in which the work waits. Nonetheless, at Schumann’s you can regularly find a wide variety of regulars’ get-togethers from colleagues, sometimes in an amazing mix. We do not want to go into detail here.

Charles Schumann will be 80 years old this Wednesday. His wisdom is “Carry on. Look ahead”. With this title, my colleague Johanna Adorján wrote down a congratulation. In the printed edition (Schumann manically reads paper newspapers) it adorns the first page of the feature pages and is, well, of course also self-conscious, but of course also quite magical. My favorite paragraph from it: “With a deceitful smile, so small that you can hardly see it, he walks past the regular guest who has just arrived, who is eagerly laughing at him between the usual Munich management consultants in their generally too tight white shirts to signal everyone that you know each other. Charles Schumann acts as if he has never seen the regular customer in his life. No, worse, as if he has seen him before, but no desire to greet him. At some point the regular customer finally gives up. He turns away, trying to cover up the disappointment. Then he feels a powerful kick in the buttocks … “How will it go on? Read for yourself (SZ Plus).


“This school year in attendance is very important” Prime Minister Söder and Education Minister Piazolo visit the Wilhelmsgymnasium – there they meet mask-weary seventh graders who want to know what their everyday school life will look like in the pandemic.

“Alarm signal”: This is the corona situation in Munich’s intensive care units The number of Covid-19 patients is rising steadily, and emergency doctors are particularly concerned about the early point in time this year. More than 90 percent of the unvaccinated are on the wards of the Munich hospitals.

Knife attack on Wittelsbacherbrücke: 18-year-old injured During the attack, the trainee is hit with a stick and wrestled to the ground. Then one of the attackers stabs him in the back. The two suspects are already known to the police.

Tesla worse after update: Car owner successfully sues The car manufacturer now has to reverse the purchase of a 155,000 euro car. The buyer clicked OK on an update – but was not told what would happen afterwards.


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