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There is a certain irony when an event such as the International Motor Show (IAA) gives itself the addition “Mobility”, meaning mobility, and then causes as much immobility as at the weekend. In addition to the already closed places in the city center because of the IAA exhibitors, there were also closed streets because of the demonstrations against the IAA and its exhibitors. Even for Munich, which is used to big events with crowds, there was a certain state of emergency on Saturday when cyclists and pedestrians mobilized against the cars and the industry that produced them. But the people of Munich coped with this challenge calmly and did not grapple more than usual. There were traffic delays, yes, but there wasn’t the chaos that I feared.

My colleagues Thomas Anlauf, Max Hägler, Catherine Hoffmann, Bernd Kastner, Elisa Schwarz and I were still on the road, to collect impressions and to talk to people (SZ Plus). Sometimes we took the subway, but most of the time we got around by bike because it was actually the most agile and the fastest way to get around. And at least I wished for a little more space in some bottlenecks, between the site fence on the right and the truck on the left. What we experienced and observed during our tours, what we learned during our conversations, we have put together in numerous stories.

Of course, this does not end with the IAA – after the IAA is, as is well known, before the IAA, even if the next one is not planned for two years. Certain aspects of the event will certainly have an aftermath, the massive transfer of public space to private corporations, for example, or the handling of critical minds. But for now we are pleased that there will soon be space on the seats again and that mobility will not be further restricted.


Praise and criticism for the Munich IAA premiere Organizers, business and politics are satisfied with the first IAA in the Bavarian capital, which attracted 400,000 visitors. There is criticism of the massive interventions in public space.

Comment: The IAA was a success – especially for its opponents The fact that they received so much attention for their actions was also due to the tough crackdown on the police. After the end of the exhibition, the city in particular will be confronted with a few unpleasant questions.

IAA opponents complain of massive repression by the police The activists’ allegations range from intimidation to assault – apparently some police officers are also critical of the proceedings.

Electric shock gun attack in the English Garden An 18-year-old is injured. The police then came with ten patrols and a little later arrested three young people.


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