Munich today – news from 07.09.2021 – Munich

One thing is already certain: the international motor show “IAA Mobility” in Munich is triggering heated debates. Some complain about the streets and squares blocked by the mobility show, others complain about blocked motorways. It would be great if the climate catastrophe, its causes and the traffic of tomorrow could be discussed just as intensely.

As for what happened on the first day of the fair: Both sides, opponents of the IAA and the police, showed a sense of proportion and did not allow a confrontation high above the highway asphalt. The protest actions were precisely choreographed and limited in time, the response from the police was quick and appropriate. In the end, the courts decide how the whole thing is to be judged legally.

Both debates and protests will accompany the IAA in Munich until Sunday. The Munich police in particular will have to raise the much-touted “mobility”. And what about the automakers? “The world of mobility has never been as exciting as it is today,” they write. And: “We look forward to the debate, especially because we expect people with very different opinions and points of view …”. Tuesday has already shown how different the points of view are.


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