Munich: “Tocotronic” on “Never Again War” tour in the Tonhalle – Munich

“Full-time” is a word that is commonly associated with Tocotronic is to read. In other words, these four musicians earn their money with their Hamburg band, which has been active since 1994. Since 1999, their albums have regularly been in the top ten, and concert tickets are in high demand, including for the Munich performance on the “Never Again War” tour . Tocotronic keeps them together, as well as a certain preference for comics, drummer Arne Zank has already published his own volume. Which brings us to the secondary activities, singer Dirk von Lowtzow was always known as an avid writer. Now bassist Jan Müller has also published his first book: Together with Rasmus Engler, with whom he also played as a duo Dirty Dishes appears, he wrote the novel “Vorglühen” (Ullstein). With the wildly scenic coming-of-age story (“from the province to St. Pauli”) he will soon go on a reading tour, by the way (December 3, Heppel & Ettlich).

Tocotronic, Thursday, November 24, 8 p.m., Munich, Tonhalle

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