Munich: The Christmas trees can be disposed of here – Munich

The Munich waste management company offers numerous collection points. If you want to be more creative, you can also use your tree in the kitchen – but an organic wood is recommended.

The contemplative holidays are over, the daily grind is slowly returning. As every year, the question of disposing of Christmas trees arises. Now you can hand in your tree in the classic way at one of the collection points, if you don’t want to give disused trees to the elephants in the zoo as toys or food. But also – the latest trend – Christmas trees are used in the kitchen: The needles of the trees can refine numerous dishes. The aromas range from grass (Nordmann fir), wooden (pine) to a light vanilla aroma (blue spruce).

However, the hard needles are not suitable as raw food, as they are just as hard and sharp as herringbones. Chopped or cooked, however, they can be used in many ways. If you want to eat your tree, you should make sure beforehand that it comes from organic farming. While firs, spruces and pines are safe to eat, caution is advised with cedars and cypresses. These are generally considered inedible. The highly poisonous yew tree has no place in the kitchen either. If you want to do without waste completely, you can burn the trunk to ashes and use it for smoking or as a spice.

For all those who do not like culinary recycling, the waste management company (AWM) Munich offers a total of 37 collection points for discarded Christmas trees in addition to the twelve recycling centers. Examples are Mariahilfplatz, Rudi-Hierl-Platz in Maxvorstadt, Ilse-Weber-Straße in Laim or Triebstraße in Moosach. Some schools also serve as drop-off points. Christmas trees can be left in public places from January 7th to February 11th around the clock. The complete list of assembly points is available at or

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