Munich: rich widow murdered – defendant denies crime – Munich

In the trial of the murder of a rich widow in Munich, the accused denied the crime. The defendant completely rejects the allegations, said the 34-year-old’s defense attorney on Wednesday at the beginning of the hearing before the Munich I Regional Court. The lawyer announced that his client would make a comprehensive statement on Thursday.

According to prosecutors, the man killed the woman with a knife in January 2022, probably out of greed in order to get hold of her assets and pay off his debts. According to the indictment, the widow had financially supported the semi-skilled car painter and even used him as the sole heir.

The two met in February 2020 when the woman brought her car to the workshop where the man worked at the time. A kind of mother-son relationship developed, and the man even got a key to the apartment. In the summer of 2021, the 72-year-old also signed a letter entitled a declaration of adoption and wrote a will in his favour, according to the indictment.

But then there was a fight. For fear of not getting any more money, the 34-year-old is said to have killed the widow in her home in January 2022. An act that the investigators are convinced he wanted to cover up. According to the indictment, when he came into the apartment a few days later, he acted as if he had only now discovered the body of his patron. He pretended to be surprised and shocked, the prosecutor said. 15 further days of negotiations are scheduled for the process until mid-March.

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