Munich: rescue operation with 30 dogs – missing senior found – Munich

A 76-year-old man probably owes his life to resourceful search and rescue dogs. The animals tracked down the Munich man, who had been reported missing, on Sunday evening in the rough terrain of the Aubinger Lohe. Hypothermic but apparently unharmed, he was taken to a hospital for further evaluation after first aid.

The 76-year-old had not returned from a shopping walk on Saturday afternoon and was then reported missing. After the police had even searched the immediate area using a helicopter, they informed the Johanniter on Sunday evening as the duty command of the rescue dog squadrons.

With 17 area search dogs and 13 mantrailers, a total of 72 volunteers from various rescue services in the Aubinger Lohe went on the search around 7 p.m. After almost two and a half hours, one of the dogs scented the old man – in a hollow 40 meters off the path. According to his own statements, the senior had already settled there on Saturday around 3 p.m., at the end of his strength.

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