Munich: Peter Kraus in the Isarphilharmonie – Munich

But now the 83-year-old Peter Kraus is once again in the mood for a concert tour through 25 cities. A conversation about canoeing, singing as a skunk and the changes in the music industry.

Interviewed by

Michael Zirnstein

Peter Kraus spent his first fee on a concert ticket to Sammy Davis junior in Monte Carlo; Coincidentally, the world star and the rising star from Munich met at the hotel bar afterwards… Kraus may have developed into a teenage heartthrob, the German Elvis, but he learned his craft above all from the great entertainers of the swing era. Sinatra, Nat, Sammy – he pays homage to them on the album “Idole” with German lyrics, prominent guests and fine arrangements from jazz to bossa nova and a swing version of his hit “Schwarze Rose Rosemarie” from 1961. Peter Kraus is now playing them one last big tour through 25 cities, on March 18 he will be 84.

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