Munich: Painter and cartoonist Rudi Hurzlmeier turns 70 – Munich

His brain works unreasonably and Munich lacks subversive creativity, says Rudi Hurzlmeier. The painter and cartoonist tells why he thought a motif was a secret service symbol and how much work it is to be funny.

Shortly before his 70th birthday, something fundamental changed in Rudi Hurzlmeier’s life: he had to move his studio from Lehel, where he also lives, to Haidhausen. The new rooms are bright, there is not a single spot of color on the floor yet. A beige leather sofa sits in the center of the room. From there you can look through the windows into the green inner courtyard. He hasn’t painted for three months, says Hurzlmeier. The move cost him strength, both physically and emotionally. A number of paintings from the exhibition in the Buchheim Museum, which more than 45,000 people saw over the summer, are now in the basement. Hundreds of original cartoons that he created for the satirical magazine lie in metal chests of drawers titanic has drawn. Hurzlmeier speaks softly Bavarian, his hair is deliberately sticking out, as always. He wants to celebrate his birthday on November 13 with a big family reunion.

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