Munich: New high school at the parcel post hall? – Munich

So far it’s nothing more than a wish. From a local political point of view, Neuhausen-Nymphenburg’s schools are bursting at the seams – and in order to “get ahead of the bow wave”, the district politicians are calling for the construction of an additional high school in view of the densification in the creative district, the criminal justice center and the parcel post hall. At the most recent meeting of the district committee, they unanimously approved a corresponding application.

Explosive about it: the preferred location. Because the citizens’ representatives consider the DHL site between Harisch-Lengauer-Straße and the railway tracks, which is adjacent to the parcel post area, to be a suitable area. Where the delivery base has been located since 2015, on the former Deutschmann site next to the Backstage event center, the space for a secondary school would be “ideal”, says Felix Meyer (FDP). School noise during the day and cultural events that are a bit louder in the evening, “that would go together”.

The crux of the matter: DHL does not want to give up its delivery base on this corner. The letter distribution center, previously housed in the parcel post hall, will be moving to Germering in the long term. “But the delivery base remains, we need it to deliver packages,” says Post and DHL spokesman Klaus-Dieter Nawrath.

However, there could be a solution for a grammar school in this area. However, a few meters further west. Because the meeting on Tuesday evening also happened to be attended by Hans-Georg Stocker, the managing director of “Backstage””I was really shocked when I heard what the district committee wanted there “, says the cultural center operator. Instead, his suggestion: “To set up a school in our area.” On the approximately 3000 square meter area north of the backstage arena, which belongs to the backstage area and where cars are currently parked.

Hans-Georg Stocker during a renovation in his club “Backstage”.

(Photo: Catherine Hess)

“The location would be great, in the middle of new development areas and right next to the Hirschgarten S-Bahn station.” Stocker would find a music high school in the immediate vicinity of his event center with hundreds of concerts a year ideal, because that would enable synergies. “We plan to create band practice rooms backstage anyway.” There is also a climbing hall and indoor football. All of this could then also be used by high school students – a “charming win-win situation”.

The realization of a school at this location would also be “realizable relatively quickly”, believes the 55-year-old, since he is currently in negotiations with the planning department regarding the future of the entire backstage area. “In three years we could have a school there,” he estimates – as long as the administration supports the idea.

In the district committee, Anna Leuchtweis (SPD), the chairwoman of the subcommittee on education, had already suggested on Tuesday evening to think “a little creatively” to improve the school situation. In other words, existing buildings can be converted or rented for schools, for example. “What about the Galeria Kaufhof at the main station, for example?” She asked the group. “Couldn’t a school go in there?” Or in other empty buildings, such as the old criminal justice center near Stiglmaierplatz? Both of which are outside the city limits.

In any case, the backstage boss could imagine building a high school himself on his site in cooperation with the department for education and sports. “For the city,” he says, “that would probably be much cheaper.” The building that he creates in front of his inner eye would look more “like an industrial building” – “with open spaces, a cool auditorium and plenty of room for creative design” by schoolchildren. And maybe with a day care center and a senior citizen project on top of that. “We have a lot of regulars who listen to metal,” he says. “They certainly don’t want to move to a classic senior center later on.”

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