Munich-Laim: construction workers spilled on the construction site – Munich

A construction worker was buried in a pit on a construction site in Laim on Thursday afternoon. The 47-year-old was rescued by the fire brigade after one and a half hours with serious injuries.

According to the fire brigade, the man fell into a pit during concrete work and was buried up to his head by the earth and stones that followed. His colleagues immediately called the emergency services and tried to dig up the buried person with their hands. They also secured him with ropes until the fire brigade arrived.

Rescuers used a turntable ladder to prevent him from slipping further. They also removed the soil on one side and erected wooden stabilization on the other. After an hour and a half, the buried person was freed. He was then taken to an emergency room for further treatment.

Among other things, there was also a crisis intervention team on site for the construction worker’s colleagues who were in shock. The police have launched an investigation to determine the cause of the accident.

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