Munich: Habeck on election campaign tour on Marienplatz – Munich

Many champions have already been honored by their fan base at Marienplatz, and on Wednesday evening a “green boost” was received there, as there could be “no better” one for the Greens’ final spurt in the election campaign. At least that is how Robert Habeck, the co-chairman of his party in the Bund, was announced before his speech.

Mayor and party friend Katrin Habenschaden then recalled the victory celebrations in the center of her city, including free beer – and Habeck sat in the rain to heat up the mood. First a few drops came, then more and more and more and more dense. Habeck leaned against an umbrella at his seat, jumped onto the stage, pulled the wet jacket from his shoulders and simply turned the rain into a gauge for the result of the election on September 26th. “If you stay, we win,” he called from the round stage to the people who filled Marienplatz very well with a long corona distance.

In the spirit of the Munich party friends, Habeck began his address with a reminder of a great achievement by his party. The result of the last state election in Bavaria was the start of the rise of the Greens in Germany in recent years, he said. In the election campaign at the time, he even experienced the “most fantastic evening” of his political career. In a beer tent in the Munich area that had been announced to him as an empty, ignorant and hostile area. Habeck then experienced the evening in front of 3000 visitors “as an explosion of passion”.

He did not get the people of Munich that far with his speech on Wednesday. He denied the grand coalition’s ability to assume responsibility for the country, citing the “moral failure” in Afghanistan and the threatened failure of the coal phase-out as examples. The turnaround should come with the Greens, the climate turnaround and the political one. It is important to “finalize what has started here in Bavaria”.

The applause was enthusiastic, the persistence of the people in the rain, according to Habeck’s interpretation, did not indicate a runaway victory or a championship celebration, but a good result. Certainly not the second most fantastic evening for him and the Greens, but in Habeck’s opinion a “great” one.


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