Munich: Eight new container accommodations for 2000 refugees – Munich

The department for social affairs is proposing to the city council eight more locations where accommodation for almost 2,000 refugees from Ukraine is to be built. Social officer Dorothee Schiwy wants to ensure that the accommodation of refugees in lightweight halls can be ended and emergency solutions, such as school gymnasiums and tents, are not necessary. “Those seeking protection from the Ukraine should continue to be able to find humanitarian aid and protection from war and violence in their home country in Munich,” emphasizes the social officer.

At the end of December last year, 15,700 refugees from Ukraine were living in Munich, most of them, around 13,600, in private homes. But the number of those who are being accommodated privately is likely to fall as the war goes on, and around 50 refugees are arriving every day. The government of Upper Bavaria has ordered Munich to create 5,625 bed places, 80 percent of them for long-term accommodation. The first container locations were decided last year. The search for suitable plots of land is also difficult because they have to be available for at least five years plus about a year each for construction and dismantling so that construction, occupancy and dismantling are economical. And on top of that, the social department strives for a distribution that is as even as possible over the entire city area.

The Social Affairs Department proposes a three-storey facility on Frobenstrasse (Trudering-Riem) for 280 to 290 refugees. 190 spaces are to be created on Glücksburger Straße (Bogenhausen), 270 to 280 on Gundermannstraße West (Feldmoching-Hasenbergl), and 110 on Max-Lebsche-Platz (Hadern). part of the old people’s and service center (ASZ) Kleinhadern-Blumenau. This means that the urgent need for ASZ offers in southern Hadern can be met in a timely manner, explains Dorothee Schiwy.

270 to 320 places are planned on Mirabellenweg (Bogenhausen), 280 on Neuherbergstraße (Milbertshofen-Am Hart), where the existing lightweight hall (252 places) is to be replaced by a container building. A former school building at Schatzbogen 29 (Trudering-Riem) is to be rented for 25 years and, after renovation, offer 220 places. 290 places are planned on the municipal property in Stummerstrasse/Servetstrasse (Allach-Untermenzing).

In addition, the social committee is to extend the period of use for three more accommodations with around 800 places. The social department wants to extend the use of the location at Aschauer Straße 34 (Ramersdorf-Perlach) by five years until 2030. The government of Upper Bavaria has rented it and maintains communal accommodation there for up to 300 asylum seekers. The government should also be able to use Centa-Hafenbrädl-Strasse 50 (Aubing-Lochhausen-Langwied) for nine months longer, until the end of September 2024. The refugee accommodation at Meindlstraße 14a (Sendling) will also be available for nine months longer, until the end of March 2024.

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