Munich district office – SPD rebuffs savings proposals – district of Munich

The SPD will probably have to put away its red pencil in the district council for the time being. In the finance committee, the Social Democrats have not found any supporters with their application to reduce the increase in jobs in the district office. On the contrary: the two SPD representatives on the committee, Garching Mayor Dietmar Gruchmann and Deputy District Administrator Annette Ganssmüller-Maluche, met with a lot of incomprehension from District Administrator Christoph Göbel (CSU) and the other parliamentary groups with their savings proposals for the position plan, and in some cases even outrage . The SPD had sharply criticized the planned creation of up to 150 new jobs in the Munich district office in the coming year and submitted a detailed proposal as to which new jobs the authority should do without.

Gruchmann referred to the district of Ebersberg, which he believes shows that “there is another way”. The administration had applied for 36 new jobs there, but only 16 had been proposed to the district council after review by the local district administrator Robert Niedergesäß (CSU). “I would have expected that from you too,” Gruchmann told Göbel and accused the district administrator: “We waited until Friday last week to see whether there were any proposals for cuts. But you didn’t do your homework.” The SPD says they did that instead. “The bottom line is that there are 40 jobs that we could live with,” said Gruchmann. Among other things, the Social Democrats had their sights set on bodies that fall under the jurisdiction of the Free State and bodies for matters worth supporting, where they do not see district politics as a suitable actor. “When I look at the budget for the coming years, we have to cut costs,” Gruchmann warned.

“Do you think I’ll give you every job application from the administration?” Asks District Administrator Göbel

District Administrator Göbel reacted visibly irritated to the accusation that he had not done his homework. “Do you seriously believe what you’re saying?” he asked the SPD mayor, pointing out that all of the administration’s requests for additional staff were being examined intensively by various bodies. “Do you think I’ll give you every job application from the administration?” said Göbel. He rejected the reference to the district of Ebersberg as a model. “Apples are compared with pears,” said the district administrator and made it clear that the job center, which only took over the work of the employment agency in the district of Munich, had to be deducted. Ernst Weidenbusch (CSU) pointed out that the district of Munich had set relatively high standards in the accommodation of refugees, their schooling and psychological care, but also in climate protection. “Those are the things we want. You have to say if you want to stop here.” Christoph Nadler from the Greens also defended the job increase: “The district of Munich is an immigration district, of the 150 new jobs, 127 are due to case increases.”

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