Munich: demand for S-Bahn trains at night – Munich

The Pro Bahn passenger association always accompanies the development of local public transport with critical comments. On the occasion of the 50th birthday of the S-Bahn Munich, Pro Bahn is now calling for the further expansion of the offer and the infrastructure, especially on the outer routes. Just as the S-Bahn set new standards in the 1970s, it must do so again now. A suggestion from Pro Bahn: In the future, the S-Bahn should run continuously at night at least every hour. “This means that a standard can be achieved that is common today with many tram lines in the city.”

The most important thing for the S-Bahn, however, are measures that raise reliability and punctuality back to an “acceptable level”. The lack of reliability is the main reason for the bad reputation of the S-Bahn as a means of transport. The frequency and intensity of the disturbances have become increasingly stressful for passengers in recent years. “The question arises as to whether the Free State of Bavaria is willing to carry out strict quality control for Deutsche Bahn AG. So far, one has often had the impression that it doesn’t matter whether and how the transport services financed by taxpayers’ money are implemented,” he said Norbert Moy, the Upper Bavarian Pro-Bahn chairman.

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