Munich: Culture and leisure tips from the actress Eva Löbau – Munich

She is the single mother, the naïve young provincial teacher and the backpacker who escapes her relationship problems in an Indian ashram. In short: Eva Löbau has mastered many forms of her profession. She is regularly seen on television as a “crime scene” inspector, she is also known to the people of Munich as part of the wonderfully offbeat performance duo “The Bairish Geisha” and as a former Kammerspiele actress. Eva Löbau is currently on stage at the Gorki Theater in Berlin, and you can see her in the cinema from May 4th: In the drama “Das Lehrerzimmer” by İlker Çatak, she slips into the role of a school secretary who comes under suspicion.

Monday: Return to Munich

The “Räuberinnen”, based on Schiller’s “Die Räuber”, premiered at the Kammerspiele in 2019. The play was Eva Löbau’s first collaboration with the director Leonie Böhm (scene with Gro Swantje Kohlhof, Julia Riedler, Sophie Krauss, from left to right)

(Photo: Judith Buss)

Today I come back to Munich. It’s the day after our premiere of “Antigone” at the Gorki Theater in Berlin, a production by Leonie Böhm, with whom I first worked together at the Munich Kammerspiele on “Räuberinnen”. So I’ll probably be exhausted and melancholic and persuade my father to go to Franco lunch with me , whose delicatessen on Wotanstraße also has lunch. Everything tastes good there! On the way there, we might buy a newspaper at the tobacco and stationery shop Fäth. These two places are among the reasons why I quickly felt at home in my new neighborhood in 2018 In the evenings, if I’m not too tired for everything, I go to the Pathos Theater for the opening of Ella Ponizovsky Bergelson’s “Wordscapes“. I know this house very well, I’ve played there a lot, seen a lot, so I’m hoping to meet friends and I’m excited to see the transformation of the room through the painted poetry on the walls.

Tuesday: Used Treasures

Celebrity tips for Munich and Bavaria: Overview of the range of furniture in the second-hand department store "hall 2" of the waste management company Munich (AWM) in Sachsenstraße.

Overview of the furniture on offer in the used goods department store “Hall 2” of the Munich Waste Management Company (AWM) on Sachsenstrasse.

(Photo: Catherine Hess)

I walk to Hall 2, the used goods department store of the Munich waste management company. I walk there through the Nymphenburg Palace Park and check on the way whether the coots have already built their floating nests, the swan is breeding again up at the weir and what’s going on with the beavers, deer and birds in spring. Hall 2 is a place of inspiration for me. There I have already bought three sofas and a few pairs of roller skates for one of the “Bairishen Geisha” productions, oil paintings from the estate of an unknown but good painter, the bicycle for my niece, the walker for my father, chairs for various apartments and cooking pots , lamps, crockery and books. Most of the time I just go back home through the park with a mug and a crime novel.

Wednesday: longing for the bath

Celebrity tips for Munich and Bavaria: Normally you can swim outside in the Dantebad all year round.  Due to the energy crisis, the heated outdoor pool was closed this winter, and is scheduled to reopen in May with the start of the outdoor pool season.

Normally you can swim outside in Dantebad all year round. Due to the energy crisis, the heated outdoor pool was closed this winter, and is scheduled to reopen in May with the start of the outdoor pool season.

(Photo: Catherine Hess)

It’s terrible that the Dantebad is still closed. I would like to go swimming there with my godchildren on Wednesday. I am absolutely in favor of introducing a speed limit on Germany’s roads to save energy and stop the climate from overheating. But the Dantebad with its heated outdoor pools should be open again in winter. Until then I might let Nelly talk me into bouldering. In the evening I would like to go workshop cinema go to Fraunhoferstrasse. The film is not ready at the time of my planning. But this cinema is my discovery of the last year. I can’t explain at all why this place has remained hidden from me until now. You have such a great program. It’s clear that I’ll go to the Gasthaus Fraunhofer beforehand.

Thursday: Women’s Peace Congress

Celebrity tips for Munich and Bavaria: The women on the "International Women's Congress" 1915 in the play "Anti War Women" (Moses Leo, Jelena Kuljic, Maren Solty, Leoni Schulz, Stefan Merki, Joyce Sanhá, from left to right).

The women at the “International Women’s Congress” in 1915 in the play “Anti War Women” (Moses Leo, Jelena Kuljic, Maren Solty, Leoni Schulz, Stefan Merki, Joyce Sanhá, from left to right).

(Photo: Julian Baumann)

I want to go to “Anti War Women” by Jessica Glause and ensemble with music by Eva Jantschitsch, a project as part of the “Female Peace Palace” of the Munich Kammerspiele and the Monacensia in the Hildebrandhaus. I’m a fan of Frau Jantschitsch alias Gustav and the work of Jessica Glause. The subtitle: “How Women Threaten War” also draws me in. I really need to know more about the women’s peace congress in The Hague in 1915. I’m looking for a way to relate to the current wars. Do the suffragette “visions and strategies” help arm us?

Friday: Award-winning drama

Today I’m going back to Berlin to play Antigone there in the evening. If I were in Munich I would probably go to the Film Museum at 6pm and see the film “L’Evénement” (“The Event”) directed and played by Audrey Diwan based on the novel by Annie Ernaux. In recent years I have read enthusiastically through the work of the French author and Nobel Prize winner and I can well imagine the temptation to film this type of literature – for once. Before that I would probably go to Kustermann and get something useful for the household, furniture felt for the chair and table legs or an enamel paint to finally repair the flaw on the bathtub.

Saturday: New York dance style

I would like to personally tune in to the evening’s event and attend one of the voguing workshops at the Pathos Theater. But I won’t be back from Berlin until the afternoon, that is, too late. This art impressed me for the first time as a teenager when a player from the youth club of the Württembergische Landesbühne in Esslingen suddenly danced the choreography to Madonna’s song “Vogue” during a rehearsal. It was great! In the evenings I go to “The Fashion Icons Kiki Ball” at the Pathos Theater to celebrate the stars and new talents in their finery, admire their moves and learn where fashion and a society that doesn’t -white and non-heteronormative people no longer form fringe groups, but help rule the big dance floor.

Sunday: Film premiere

My father and I go to the Hirschgarten for lunch. I hope the weather is good, then we’ll sit outside and listen to the brass band music. For a long time we’ve wanted to sit down in the area where you can also serve up things you’ve brought with you. But usually we sit down at one of the tables where you are served. The food is familiar and good. We can watch other people at their family celebrations and end up sharing a Bavarian cream. In the evening I set off for Baden-Baden to start shooting a new episode of “Tatort Schwarzwald”, so unfortunately I won’t be able to attend the Munich premiere of the film on April 27th “The teacher’s room” can be there at the City Kino. The film caused quite a stir at the Berlinale. I like to avoid the screenings of the films I’ve been in, but in this case I’m sad because it was a particularly nice collaboration with everyone involved.

The theater and film actress Eva Löbau, trained at the Max Reinhardt Seminar in Vienna, is known to a wide audience through the film “The Forest for the Trees” and television productions such as “Tatort” or “Family Bundschuh”. She acted in films by Detlev Buck and Max Färberböck. She has also been cast internationally, including in Quentin Tarantino’s “Inglourious Basterds”. Löbau was a founding member of the theater collective “Die Bairishe Geisha” and from 2018 to 2020 a member of the ensemble of the Munich Kammerspiele. She was nominated for the German Film Prize in 2017 for her role in the film “Loneliness and Sex and Compassion” by Lars Montag and Helmut Krausser.

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