Munich: Claus Peymann in the Residenztheater – Munich

The great director Claus Peymann has repeatedly caused a theater scandal. The great writer Thomas Bernhard was not uninvolved either, one of the most famous scandals was sparked around the premiere of “Heldenplatz” in November 1988, an evening that was played despite the heated mood in Vienna. Thomas Bernhard died a few months later, director Peymann, who had premiered almost all of his plays, stayed and sometimes referred to himself as “Bernhard’s widow”.

It is therefore only natural that the 85-year-old chose a text by Bernhard for his reading, the posthumously published “My Prices”. They are stories about the many awards the writer received, whose fuss he detested but appreciated the prize money. For his reading on Tuesday, March 21, Peymann owns the main stage of the Residenztheater.

Claus Peymann reads Thomas Bernhard “My Prices”Tuesday, March 21, 8 p.m., Residenztheater, telephone: 089/21 85 19 40

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