Munich: City Hall coalition wants to introduce energy saving bonus for everyone – Munich

The people of Munich are now being relieved of the heating costs with a fund for the needy and an energy saving bonus for everyone. This was announced by the Greens and SPD on Tuesday. This plan had existed for a long time, but the city association of the SPD opposed the Green Party’s premium. One does not want a “cornucopia” from which villa owners could also benefit, said city councilor and SPD chairman Christian Köning.

After the agreement in the town hall coalition, owners of noble houses and apartments can now benefit just like everyone else who saves energy. “Very satisfied,” said Green Party leader Dominik Krause.

The bonus was changed again, but now there should be fixed amounts. Anyone who saves 20 percent of their annual consumption receives 100 euros from the city. Those who need ten percent less get 50 euros. Even those who can already show extremely low consumption far below average will receive a bonus.

The SPD is forgiving, although the upper salary limit it has demanded does not come with the bonus, and emphasizes the importance of the aid fund it initiated. “We as the SPD take care of the people who can’t pay their heating bills,” said party leader Anne Hübner. The fact that the projects of the SPD and the Greens are now taking effect is “right”.

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